Bad and Boujee by Lexi Miles

By Vicky684 Wednesday 24th of July 2024
Shawty got the booty of a diva , 
bounce it on me and I get fever ,
take it easy on me with ur teaser ,cause the way I feel cold, girl u give me shivers 
So why like a goddess 
U be the baddest 
Don't tell me nonsense 
Sexy like a hornet
Me I feel fly when ur riding upon it 
Shawty go the ass don't possess u I own it 
Don't wanna deceive her 
I do my things straight make me a believer 
I take my hands out and tryna receive her 
Forgive me father for I am a sinner 
Step inna my crib just like that that that 
How ur dirty Wyn kill a man man man 
Reaching for the switch off the light light light 
Disturbing the neighbors with the ta ta ta 
Tempted to touch 
I don't want no drama drama 
Just a look at u and am lost 
Now shawty u dey give me fever yeah x2 
Bad n boujee lady u gat me coming back for more ..for more 
Bad n boujee lady x4

Ur belly botton fly 
Ur making me humble 
Me I wanna do the tippy toe on a rumble 
Me no want to come pon the thing come dey fumble ,
Girl u make the world I create just dey crumble 
It is u I desire , 
U lit my fire 
Girl u take me higher 
You give me ginger , make me a messiah
Make them other girls turn to Delilah 
U turn me on with ur presence
U make me wanna sing the wizzys escence
Girl u make a man , wanna feel obsessed, the way you change ur style girl am feeling blessed

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