Love me now by Belteshazzar

By vicky684 Wednesday 24th of July 2024

Intro... phone ringing..
Belteshazzar... Yeah Rock Tunez,
Rock Tunez... Yuh belteshazzar what's up man.
Belteshazzar... I'm cool dude
Rock Tunez... Man we have been waiting for you all day where have you been what's happening,
Belteshazzar... Umm my girl just called me she said I'm not treating her well man, she said umm infact i don't even understand what she's saying, I can't explain,
Rock Tunez... Man i have told you severally to leave that girl alone man, that girl is not just worthy, that girl you know what leave that girl alone,
Belteshazzar... Ok dude, but i just wanna send her a text,
Rock Tunez... A text, what do you wanna tell her?
Belteshazzar... Just listen.

Verse one}. Baby i wanna ask you this, I'm so confused that's why i wanna ask you this, why am i showing you love but still yet you don't love me, anywhere I've offended you just forgive me please, I'm begging you cause you're one and only that i need, since you left me it just really makes me feel so weak, since then i never get my self that's why i just wanna cool my mind by drinking Hennessy, you know i never should have loved you like this i shouldn't fight for you,kill for you but still i take the risk, but the worst part is that you're lying to me telling me that you're not cheating but I'm seeing you with my nigga Chris, that I'm seeing both of you together is not problem it hurts me so much cause i saw both of you kissed, that's I'm asking you to stay is not that I'm not seeing another girl's to date, i'm hustling just to make our dreams oou.

Chorus... Girl you know i love you baby, but you don't love me i'm asking so will you love me when i'm gone? If you don't me now, will you love me when i'm gone oouu girl you really know i love you baby of cause you're driving me crazy, i swear you're killing me baby will you love me when i'm gooone, will you love me when i'm gooooone love me now.

Verse two... Baby i think you know what you're going against the law, by leaving me home all alone i'm laying on the floor, i called your phone severally but you're not picking all my calls, it really kill me to the extend if i stand I'll fall, it really draw me back so much that i couldn't ball, you have to believe me that all your friends are deceiving you, never mind them just try to resist them all, don't try to leave me cause of money you know i won't remain poor, you know i really care for you, always wanna be with you, you know i really love you that's why you're treating me like a fool, i knew i don't give you all you want but i just wish that I could do, you know if i have I'll give do you want me to die for you?, All my niggas said that i shouldn't have been with you but i do cause i don't want no one else to take me away from you, you never believed me anytime i said you're my only boo, I'm fighting, hustling, struggling just to prove my love to you.