The song #Mistakes is a mix feeling of what people expect from me thereby getting the unexpected response to what they think about me,I wrote this song with the interest to amend a lot of mistakes have made in the past, correcting the mistakes with my new community, lastly the message you need to hear from the song is just two things namely Patience and hardworking,actualize your potential even when you find it difficult to, everyone will believe in you when you gets it right

Am a rapper,a singer,I'm basically on Afro-pop,goes by the name Feppyx2bz originally Feppy,born and raised in the west,hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Love attending shows and events🤘


Chiki chiki chiki chiki
Yeee ahh..[Yee I yeeh]
Feppy [Feppyboy..boy boy]
X2 de beez here [Yee I yeeh]
Ooh yeeh mistakes mistakes
Ooh yeeh[Yeeh]
Fit go away yeeh
True talk no be lie [No be lie]
It's all about all the Baez 
All the geez omoge won ma lie[Won ma lie.won ma lie]
You tell me true you still think sey true talk no be lie[No be lie]
From east down to the west
Everyday by day we dey hustle for the best [Ee Yee]
To o na ti ri mi men 
Malo f-up with all the geez ooo God
The only bae wey fit soft mind
Mistakes mistakes [Mistakes]
All around me mistakes
Baby girl cool down mistakes
We goon get over this mistakes yeeh
To the next round
Baby girl you dey soft mind [soff mind]
I love you from the day one
Baby girl you my heart n beat oo
Baby girl coolu mind oo
So many guys wan chop you
But me no be the best oo
Feel pass like iniesta
Omo iniesta ti o Le rescue you
Ooh mistakes mistakes
All around me mistakes
Baby girl cool down mistakes [Yeeh]
We goon get over this mistakes yeeh 
Oya taste am make you see am [See am]
The only bling bling
Wey you go see now
Only true talk na him dey 
Save now
Omoge malo yin bon
Very first time that I saw you
I never miss you like this Oo my God ooh mistakes [ooh] mistakes [Yeeh]
All around me mistakes
Baby girl cool down mistakes
We goon get over this Mistakes yeeh eee [Feppyboy] 
Ooooh what a shit wat a shi
Wat a shit Feppyboy boy boy
X2 de beez here

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