Money by Young Naves ft Jamoleesky

By Vicky684 Wednesday 24th of July 2024
Tittle. Money 
Yeah yeah 
Oooh ooo 
Young Naves 
There is something about me 
Oh yeah ehh 
When dey talk about money 
I go crazy 
I go nut 
I don't want hear about money but on daily bases i chase the money 
I don't wan na cry no more 
I move to the street to struggle on my own
Sometimes they push me 
I fell bad about myself 
I just want to get the money by all means 
Sometimes i drink to stupour 2×
Nobody console 
Nobody to console me 
I look up to heaven
Looking for grace 
Looking for help from man oooh oooo yea 
Money is what am looking for 
I go on my knees and i pray for my needs 
And I sing and sin everyday 
And i pray for grace sometimes temptation come before me 
But we still look up to God for mercy no means say we dey sin everyday we dey play you like messi lease
We go school but we no sabi book we try our best 
But no result 
Many people dey outside hopping to go school 
But we dey get opportunity 
We miss use am 
But when we get the money 
I will share something in my ransome 
Because money speak louder than voice
You know the matter 
Cataport am comot am
Import am 
Export am plus am 
Minus am 
Is about the money we talk everyday 
Young naves 
Fvck the sheet