How to Save Money with Vudu Disc to Digital: Tips and Tricks

By vicky684 Wednesday 24th of July 2024

Saving money and making your movie collection more minimal is one of the best aspects of Vudu Disc to Digital. This service allows you to convert physical DVDs and Blu-rays into digital copies, so you can easily access your favorite movies on other devices without the clutter of physical discs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize your savings with Vudu Disc to Digital.

Take Advantage of Promotions

Vudu usually advertises promotions that come with discounts on disc-to-digital conversions. You should keep checking their website and app for these deals. Another means by which they can be known in advance is by subscribing to their newsletter.

Use Mobile Conversion

The simplest way to access Vudu Disc to Digital is via its mobile app. Snap a picture of the UPC barcode on your disc using your smartphone camera, and voila! — a soft copy of it shall be created instantly thereafter. Generally, this approach is more convenient than using a computer, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not cheaper most times.

Check for Eligible Titles

Not all films are convertible under Vudu Disc-to-Digital service. Confirm which ones you can do before beginning at this site as doing so will save time that would have otherwise been lost when attempting to change ineligible disks.

Convert During Sales

At times, however, they do sell off eLectronic movies inexpensively during sales period costTing sometimes too lowly; hence choose wisely while arranging such conversionS). Doing so may cause the cost of building your online film library from rise above what will happen if normally done without following this rule?

Utilize Free Credits

On some occasions, Vudu provides free credits that its subscribers can use towards disc-to-digital conversions. Look out for them in both the account as well as email. These extra credits can be put into use to save more money.

Convert Blu-rays for Higher Quality

It is advisable to convert your DVD collection to digitally stored movies instead of buying new ones. Primarily, Blu-ray conversions might appear a bit expensive compared to DVDs, however, they generally have higher resolutions and better audio qualities. This way you will enjoy watching them in the highest possible quality.

Maximize Savings with Bulk Conversions

Consider converting all your DVDs and Blu-rays at once if you have many of them. A massive price reduction is here awaiting conversion junkies who want to make their collection digital by bulk. That’s how you get your movie library onto the computer without destroying yourself!

Use Vudu's Disc to Digital on Different Devices

Vudu disc-to-digital service operates on different machines such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, or streaming devices among others. Make sure that all these devices are relevantly linked up with your Vudu account. In this case, wherever you go with your movies becomes another gain from transfers.

Keep an Eye on Expiration Dates

Some promotional credits or discounts can include expiry dates when not redeemed in good time end up losing out on special offers because it leaves customers paying much more than necessary; hovwever check terms always .

Share with Family and Friends

You can share digital films with up to five other people using Vudu’s family play feature. By doing so, the expense of converting movies between friends and relatives can be shared thereby making the service even cheaper still!

Think about Vudu’s Subscription Service

Vudu has it own subscription service where you can choose movies and TV shows. They are not associated with the disc to digital service though combining this service with your virtual library would mean extra content at a low monthly rate.

Update Your Collection Regularly

There are new titles that get added to the Vudu Disc to Digital program on a regular basis. You should always check frequently in order to establish whether some of your best movies have been included. By keeping yourself apprised of the latest additions, you will avoid being left behind once they become eligible for conversion.

Keep an Eye Out for Bundles

Occasionally, Vudu may offer bundle deals which contain disc to digital conversions as part of their offerings. These bundles represent great value because they enable many more digital films for less money spent. Look out for any bundle deals before making your purchase.

Make Use of Digital Locker Services

Link up Movies Anywhere and other suchlike movie sites with your account on Vudu. This will give you access to your Vudu Disc to Digital movies from multiple platforms, making it easier and convenient without any additional cost.


To convert your movie collection economically and enjoy watching them on different devices, use VUDU Disc-to-Digital feature. If these guidelines are followed, savings can be maximized on budgets while still enjoying easily accessed services within this system. Have fun as you convert!