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WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Results: Who won, how they did, what people thought, and the best moments

posted by Vicky684 about 2 years ago
WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Results: Who won, how they did, what people thought, and the best moments

Money in the Bank 2022

Who won WWE Money in the Bank 2022, how they performed, what fans felt, and the biggest moments from the event are all covered here.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) staged its Money in the Bank live event in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The men's and women's Money in the Bank ladder matches served as the primary event. The victors of both matches were given an automatic opportunity to compete for the title.
Who climbed to the pinnacle of accomplishment and was rewarded with a briefcase that almost ensured that they would win the championship?
What took place in the bouts that were part of the undercard, including those in which Raw and SmackDown's main championships were at stake and in which the company's most talented and accomplished athletes competed?
Discover the answers right now with this rundown of the massive celebration that took place on July 2nd.
• The women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match will feature Alexa Bliss competing against Liv Morgan, Asuka, Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans, and Shotzi, followed by Becky Lynch competing against Shotzi. • The men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match will feature Drew McIntyre competing against Madcap Moss, Riddle, Seth Rollins, and Sheamus, with the winner taking on Riddle.
• The SmackDown Women's Championship will be decided by a bout between Ronda Rousey and Natalya.
• The Raw Women's Championship will be decided between Bianca Belair and Carmella. • The US Championship will be decided between Bobby Lashley and Theory. • The Unified WWE Tag Team Championship will be decided between The Street Profits and The Usos.
Ladder Match for Women Based on Money in the Bank

The opening match of the Money in the Bank Ladder tournament that took place on Saturday's program included Alexa Bliss, Lacey Evans, Raquel Rodriguez, Becky Lynch, and Asuka competing against each other.
Morgan defeated Lynch in the most significant match of her career when she prevented Lynch from obtaining the highly prized briefcase. This victory came after two years of Morgan slowly climbing the rankings in the women's division of WWE. Instead of Big Time Becks receiving what was almost likely going to be another championship reign, the lone survivor of The Riott Squad was awarded a significant payout for her difficult trip.

It was ironic that it was due to Lynch, as he was the one who had previously squandered her greatest opportunity to win the title.
Over the course of the last 600 plus days, Morgan has gone through more start-and-stop pushes, experienced more creative uncertainty, and always had her passion appear on her face than any other Superstar competing in this battle. She put in a lot of effort to earn her victory and prepare for whatever comes next.

The bout, much like the women's divisions on Raw and SmackDown in the most recent weeks, wasn't as good as it might have been.
It was not always easy to understand what was going on, and it was obvious that several of the participants had never participated in a battle of this kind before. In spite of everything, there was a genuine sense of enjoyment, and the spectators grew more into the action as it progressed, making this a solid option for the first bout.
The issue now is when we'll see Morgan again given that Ronda Rousey was supposed to defend her SmackDown Women's Championship against Natalya and Bianca Belair was set to defend her Raw Women's Championship against Carmella later that night.


The Money in the Bank bag was taken home by Morgan after she triumphed against Lynch, Rodriguez, Shotzi, Bliss, Asuka, and Evans.

Grade \sC+

Top Moments
• When Rodriguez delivered a suplex on Lynch and Morgan while they were on the ladder, it was the first time throughout the night that someone said, "Oh man, that hurt."
• The booing that Evans received as she attempted to rise demonstrate that the goodwill that was built up as a result of her comeback promotions is almost completely gone at this time.
• Morgan dropped down from the top of the ladder and delivered a sunset flip powerbomb to Evans. This was without a doubt the highlight of the contest.
• Shotzi and Bliss had a difficult time when one of the ladders didn't function properly, which caused Bliss to tumble backwards and hip-first into a weapon. This was a very difficult moment for the two of them.
• The connection between two additional ladders was made when Lynch dropped his leg from the top of the ladder to Asuka, who was laying on another ladder. People still enjoyed congregating there, despite the fact that the previous ladder remained intact during their time there.
Lynch was successful in knocking Shotzi, Rodriguez, Evans, and Bliss down the ladder, but she was unable to win the briefcase due to Morgan's brilliantly theatrical move to cut her off at the finish line.

Bobby Lashley and Theory will square off in a match for the United States championship.

Theory successfully defended his title against Bobby Lashley in a one-on-one bout for the first time. This match was for the United States championship. It came to a conclusion on Saturday night in Las Vegas with a contest that was far more entertaining than the build-up predicted it would be. The battle occurred between two individuals whose physiques looked like a combination of baby oil and stone.
After successfully fending off an early assault from the leading competitor, Theory was able to take control of the match. The youthful prodigy was able to halt Lashley from making a solid comeback when he attempted to do so.
The native of Atlanta's hallmark bout, however, came to a disappointing conclusion as Lashley prevented him from completing the battle by applying the Hurt Lock and winning by submission.

This one didn't have any shining moments. All of the hard-hitting action shown that Theory is capable of competing on the same level as top stars, but he still has to demonstrate his mettle by prevailing over one of those top players in a high-stakes scenario.
Since WWE officials have been dropping hints about a battle between Theory and John Cena, it is logical for them to want to take the championship away from Theory before to the SummerSlam event. It would count as one of these significant victories if he were to win in that match on July 30. Even if the rising celebrity was unsuccessful, it would demonstrate a great deal of trust in him.
The fact that Lashley has the United States Championship makes that title more significant, and the fact that he does not have the WWE Championship gives other wrestlers something to compete for in addition to perhaps establishing him as the most popular babyface in the business.

The United States Championship was won by Lashley, who prevailed against Theory in the final match.

Grade \sB
• Lashley just just caught Theory in a fireman's carry and threw him into the ring post. This was one of the top moments of the match. The body of the champion fell to the ground, and for at least a few seconds, he was forced to take care of an injured knee before continuing.
• The new champion's mouth was bleeding after the bout, which demonstrated that he and his opponent had battled hard. • Theory utilized Lashley's spear against him, and the two-count was extremely close. • The match was really tight.

The Raw Women's Championship will be decided with a match between Bianca Belair and Carmella.

Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair successfully defended her championship during the third bout of the most important live event that took place on Saturday.
Carmella held her own against The EST in a bout that was as as competitive as Lashley's encounter against Theory, despite the fact that it seemed that she was at a disadvantage. She displayed a degree of physical intensity that was uncharacteristic of The Most Beautiful Woman in WWE, and she even hit her with a superkick at the conclusion of the match that was close enough to win the championship for her.

After successfully avoiding her opponent's strikes, Belair finished her off with the Kiss of Death, which earned her the victory and allowed her to successfully defend her crown.
It is well knowledge that the EST is of very high quality. She has been outstanding from the very beginning, and she has repeatedly shown this, including competing in two matches that were contenders for Match of the Year at two consecutive WrestleMania events.
Carmella, on the other hand, is often disregarded and underappreciated by WWE fans as well as wrestling experts, despite the fact that she has participated in a significant number of major contests. She did it the whole time she was champion in 2018, and she has done it every time after then in bouts against Sasha Banks and Liv Morgan. In 2018, she did it to win the championship. She performed well in this match as well. Is she the grappler who has the greatest ability? No, but she is a fantastic actor who has full command of her on-screen persona at all times.
That boosts the quality of every match she competes in, but it takes on an even greater significance when she plays with a high level of aggression, like she did on Saturday. Even though she was just filling in for someone else on this particular night, she demonstrated that there is a good reason why WWE executives are willing to put her in important contests.

It's possible that the fact that the villain attacked her after the bout is evidence that WWE has plans to offer her another opportunity to win the championship before to the SummerSlam event.

Due to Carmella's defeat at the hands of Belair, the Raw Women's Championship was retained by Belair.
Grade C+

Top Moments

• Corey Graves said, "I'm married to her!" in response to Byron Saxton's assertion that the two were connected.
• The ring clothing that Belair wore were from Zack Ryder's wardrobe. • Carmella got The EST to submit, and then she delivered him some strong kicks to the face in a great area. He was wearing tights with one long leg and one short leg, which were made famous by the Long Island Broski.
• Graves, who was bursting with enthusiasm over this, remarked, "If Carmella prevails tonight, it's possible that we'll tie the knot once again. Triple H recommended this incredibly wonderful location to me as a good spot to have a date." It was an obvious allusion to the well-known plot point in which The Game wed a high-ranking Stephanie McMahon and began the McMahon-Helmsley period. • "What the heck am I meant to do with a full case of Dom Perignon?!" Graves inquired as to whether or not his wife had missed her last opportunity to get a title.

A bout for the WWE Tag Team Championship will take place between The Street Profits and The Usos.

The WWE produced an immediate five-star classic for the second premium live event in a row, which was held by the corporation. The WWE tag team champions The Usos were able to successfully defend their championships after defeating The Street Profits at this event.
It was a lengthy and epic battle that got off to a poor start but kept getting better until the very end, when there were multiple near-falls and a disputed ending in which it seemed as if Montez Ford's shoulder was off the mat when the final count was being done.

This was fantastic in every every way.
The wrestlers gave the spectators a little something to be excited about by having Angelo Dawkins provide the hot tag to Ford. Despite this, the Usos were able to continue their heat phase by working over the high-flying player of the opposing side.
Even though his tag team partner is poised to have a singles push, Dawkins entered the battle with all the passion and fury of a man who is certain that WWE would not forget about him. In many respects, this was Richard Dawkins' big moment, and it was the finest thing he had ever done.
This game was full of sequences, timing, and synergy that demonstrated that both teams were playing at their very best and had an extraordinary capacity to make each other better. Both teams were able to make the other team better. Before it really took place, there was a lot of talk about it, and people were just as enthusiastic about it as they were about everything else that was going to happen on the card. The two teams did not let everyone down, completely overshadowing the previous two ladder matchups as well as three additional championship clashes.


The Usos were victorious against The Street Profits, resulting in them winning the Unified WWE Tag Team Championships.
Grade  A+

• The commentators kept bringing up Kayla Braxton's indication from SmackDown that the Street Profits were fighting, and they talked up Ford's increased fitness much too much. Top Moments: • The commentators also talked up Ford's better fitness way too much. Jey hit a springboarding Ford with a superkick, which seemed like a hot tag but was just supposed to make the heat portion of the match continue longer. It looks as if the days of the popular babyface duo are coming to an end.
It was just what this drawn-out championship match required when Dawkins made a powerful comeback in the middle of it. The crowd's response was positive as well. Do not engage in sexual activity with him if you decide to end your relationship with him. • "This is a banger," Graves added, giving credit to his kid for the word.

In the fight for the SmackDown Women's Championship, Ronda Rousey will compete against Natalya. The gamble paid out for Liv Morgan.

Both Ronda Rousey and Natalya performed above and beyond what was expected of them. On Saturday night, there was a SmackDown Women's Championship contest that was both rugged and had a terrific conclusion that showed off the submission-based offensive of both competitors. This match took place.
It was a match that started slowly but ended up being a lot of fun and made up for some of the UFC Hall of Famer's less impressive performances earlier in the year. The back and forth of holds, from the Sharpshooter to the ankle lock to Rousey's signature armbar, made for a dramatic ending to a match that started slowly but ended up being a lot of fun.

Despite this, neither the contest nor the victor will be remembered by anybody.
Following the bout, Liv Morgan went into the ring, took advantage of Ronda Rousey's injured knee, and rolled her up to win her first ever women's championship. This victory had been a long time coming.
The enthusiasm, excitement, and joy that could be seen on Morgan's face as well as the expressions of the WWE Universe in Las Vegas portrayed the whole tale of the moment. There was a young lady who had dedicated her whole adult life to the pursuit of a world championship and had came quite close to achieving her goal on many occasions. However, she was never able to perform adequately.
No, not this time. No, no longer. She honored her promise to acquire the briefcase, which was riding on a wave of momentum heading into the performance. After that, she made the most of an opportunity and eventually won the championship that she had been vying for ever since the first time that she competed in an NXT match.
Now, the issue that has to be answered is whether or not Rousey will attempt to reclaim the title that she just lost, or whether or not Charlotte Flair will make her comeback sooner rather than later and compete for the championship at SummerSlam.
No matter what the outcome of the situation is, Morgan and all of her devoted followers should enjoy the momentum event and all of the labor, commitment, sleepless nights, professional disappointments, and character development that went into it.

Rousey maintained her status as champion after defeating Natalya. By utilizing Money in the Bank, Morgan was able to successfully defend her SmackDown Women's Championship title.
Overall, a perfect score of A+

Top Moments

• During commentary, Pat McAfee reminded out that Natalya won many times at the beginning of the match.
• While flexing her biceps, Rousey delivered the ultimate insult to her opponent by giving her opponent a Sharpshooter of her own. •
Natalya attempted to utilize the Sharpshooter on Rousey's injured knee when they were both standing on the ring apron, but Rousey twisted around and sent The Queen of Harts crashing into the ring post.
Natalya came back with a Sharpshooter after Rousey thought she had Natalya trapped in an armbar. Rousey was overconfident in her position. Rousey battled back and succeeded in putting her opponent in an ankle lock. In a cool sequence that put an end to the battle, Rousey placed Natalya back in an armbar after she attempted to do the Sharpshooter for the second time. The inexorable force that Morgan exuded made it very evident that we were about to see the defining event of her life, yet this in no way diminished the significance of that moment.
a Money in the Bank ladder match for the men's division

Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Madcap Moss, Riddle, and Omos are all competitors in the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match that will take place on Saturday night. The winner of this match will receive a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Title.
Only one person didn't, and as a result, they were able to keep the briefcase and avoid the ridicule of the Las Vegas fans.
Theory emerged from the locker room shortly after losing the United States Championship to Bobby Lashley earlier in the night. WWE official Adam Pearce inserted Theory to the contest as the eighth participant shortly after Theory's entrance.
The commentators kept reminding us that he was sneaky, and it was his ability to capitalize on opportunities that allowed him to climb the ladder after Riddle had taken out Rollins, stop The Original Bro's last attack, and get the biggest win of his young career.
People are going to give way too much thought to the outcome in the days and weeks ahead. Theory is a young heel with a reputation for being nasty and arrogant, and he has, for the most part, been able to live up to the role that WWE management has assigned to him. He has everything that is necessary for him to become the next big thing for the company, but right now he is getting the kind of heat that fans give to characters that they don't like and just want to disappear. He has everything that is necessary for him to become the next big thing for the company.
Do you not believe that to be the case? Watch the moment at the conclusion of the bout when he opens the briefcase and the spectators at the MGM Grand Garden Arena comprehend what's going on by watching the footage that can be found below. You can practically hear the air being sucked out of the arena as it is being evacuated.

Not because a villain was victorious, but because that individual was victorious.
This was not a positive response to a fresh new face receiving a chance, as we witnessed in the previous part when Morgan was given the opportunity. As soon as Theory went through the curtain and entered it, the crowd let out a loud, muffled moan since they knew how the bout would finish as soon as Theory joined it.
He has not yet crossed the line enough to need the push. Yes, WWE put a lot of pressure and heat on John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton during the beginning of the Ruthless Aggression Era, but there isn't a single one of those three that Theory is currently capable of defeating at this time.
If management does not make some adjustments and put more work into growing Theory's character rather than focusing on establishing his legitimacy, this massive push, which began earlier this year and seems to have sprung out of nowhere, has the potential to alienate a large number of supporters.
This was a wonderful time for him, and once again, he is putting in a lot of effort. Even if he puts in a lot of effort and is committed to his profession, he won't be able to win over a critical audience if they've made up their minds that he's not the right person for the job.
As for the match itself, it was fantastic. There were some clever storylines, and a lot of attention was paid to McIntyre and Sheamus beating the living hell out of each other during the match. Riddle, who puts in the same amount of effort as everyone else in WWE, is also deserving of praise.

To continue on the subject of workhorses, the one other unfavorable aspect of this scenario was that Rollins did not get nearly enough attention. It was interesting to see The Drip King choose to remain mostly quiet in such a significant main event considering he has been the best character and wrestler in the company for the entirety of this year.

The Money in the Bank match was ultimately won by Result Theory after they triumphed over Rollins, Riddle, Omos, Sheamus, McIntyre, and Moss.

Grade A

• When Pearce announced Theory as the eighth and final person in the match, the crowd in Las Vegas, which was still high from Morgan's cash-in, did not react with much excitement. This was because the crowd was still riding high from Morgan's cash-in. They didn't want their good time to be derailed by the fact that guy ended up winning the main event.
• "Riddle would want nothing more than to win tonight for his coach Randy Orton, who is currently recuperating from an injury," stated Michael Cole. The following statement that Pat McAfee said was as follows: "Theory would love to win this match for...himself."
• "Madcap Moss used to shovel driveways in Minnesota, and now he's just feet away from grabbing that briefcase," McAfee said in what may have seemed like a throwaway line, but was actually a nice bit of backstory for a character who was still largely unknown at the time. • "Madcap Moss used to shovel driveways in Minnesota,"
• In an effort to eliminate Omos from the competition, his adversaries buried him beneath ladders and stacked objects on top of each other.
The terrifying moment came when Moss powerbombed Zayn into a ladder. It was a terrific moment and a flashback to Rollins' time when in The Shield when he instructed five other wrestlers to powerbomb the big Omos through the announce table. Butch ran into the ring to prevent McIntyre from grabbing the briefcase and to assist his Brawling Brutes buddy Sheamus. Moss had a violent tumble from the ladder and landed with his leg entangled in the ropes.
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The Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) is a regional organization founded via a public–private collaboration to assist Africa by offering finance solutions to fulfill the region's infrastructu..

dynamics 365 finance and operations

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations platform. Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is well suited for ..

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